It all started with an absurd idea that erupted into abstract shards of idea. Amid the debris and spilled coffee beans scattered about, Feminine Espresso came into being. I think it was the sudden occurrence of putting the two key words together that commenced the ongoing vision for what has since turned into this now-launched website.

 I wanted to create a resource that combined archaic feminine mystique with a unique flair especially for today’s young women. Espresso is derived from an Italian word which means, “pressed out or expressed”. Coupled with Feminine I think you get the flavor of our mission statement. It’s femininity pressed out, soaked through, expressed with an extra revitalizing hint of energy.

Our culture has instilled in our young people a lack of wisdom, meanwhile robbing them of their innocence. Purity has become a far distant reality, a forgotten hope, a long-lost dream; girls have traded that which is precious for the fickle feelings of the moment. The sad thing is, they hardly know any better.

Feminine Espresso was developed to encourage and inspire all girls who happen across this little cafe to discover the relevance of purity and the beauty of knowing the God who loves them more than they can comprehend.

This website isn’t just for those precious ones who are lost and confused in the din and pressures of our society. If you’re like me, you know the need is great. There’s a mission-field in our own backyards and most of the time we don’t even see it. That is why my dream is that we all bind together.

The development of this site wasn’t for me to just toot my own little horn. I want us to be in the trenches together, that we may encourage one another as we shine the light of truth to our sin-darkened world. I want Feminine Espresso to express the charm and beauty of womanhood as God designed it. I want you to feel welcome to share your own heart in your own creative way. If you wish to participate or help, I encourage you to visit the Contact & Submissions page for further details.

So without further ado, I invite you to make yourself comfortable. Let’s enjoy the fellowship of coffee together. There’s always fresh java brewing–a few flavors already percolating as we speak.