sisters4-11.jpgNot only is she my sister, my parent’s daughter, my brother in-law’s wife, my Grama’s granddaughter, and my newborn baby nephew’s mom; she’s my friend.

There’s something about sisters. Few friendships can be as candid, sassy, brutally blunt and loving all at the same time like the relationship between sisters. Courtney just knows me like nobody else does. She knows what I like and what I don’t like, and she tells me like it is when my outfit just doesn’t “go”. She teases me mercilessly about my bad hair days and is my most avid matchmaker… I still love her.

Nobody makes me laugh as hard and as often as this girl does. If anyone can tickle my funny-bone, Courtney can. Suffice it to say, she should have been the one born with blond hair!

But there’s more to Courtney than our sister-relationship. Her patience and endurance as a mother, faithfulness and love as a wife, cheerfulness and wisdom as a homemaker, and her sassy wit as a friend makes her value exceed anything rubies or diamonds could afford. 

Her calm reliance on God through the valleys has made her a steadfast soldier of the cross. Her bright outlook on life and healthy sense of humor has sustained her and her family through the tough times. Her grace has resolved conflicts, her spark has rubbed off on her children, and her love for her husband has built a strong marriage.

I think she is the true example of what femininity is all about: Living the life God has given her to the hilt of His grace and beauty.

Today is her birthday, and I hope she knows how much she means to me!

Courtney maintains a blog at Coeur d’ Court; a mostly humorous account of life as a wife and mom. Don’t laugh too hard!