Isaac and Rebekah. Ah the sweet tale of two lovers deep in the heart of Genesis. It seems to strike a chord or two in every single person’s heart.

I got to wondering, what kind of a girl was this Rebekah? What went on in her mind as she listened to this man who was the servant of the uncle she had only heard about? Did her heart jump at the thought of marrying the son of this great Uncle Abraham? Wasn’t she scared?

If you ask me, I think she kind of jumped the gun. Just my humble, unedited, unabridged, un-abbreviated, undivided, uncut, and unnecessary opinion.

Yet, in reading her story, the evident fact is that God was in it all the way. What was it that made her realize that? Was it the dusty, travel-worn servant when he fell to the ground and worshipped God when she offered to give his thirsty camels a drink? Was it when he gave her all that pretty jewelry? Was it when he begged to sleep under her father’s roof?

I mean, she had to have been convinced in her heart that it was God who orchestrated this to be willing to leave her family, her friends and all she knew. To travel many, many miles away to a man who was to be her husband that she had never ever seen, and probably never even heard of, much less so much as corresponded with. How did she know he wasn’t absolutely horrid or ugly or a one-eyed monster? Maybe she was just that desperate to be done tending sheep.

I can sit and speculate and come to my own shallow conclusions about this girl whom I picture as absolutely sweet on top of being drop dead gorgeous. Yet the moral of the story is not to be a blind follower of chance and passion, but to have a heart tuned toward the voice of God. That is indeed what made her willing and ready.

This Isaac became her beloved husband and they loved each other. They were at the mercy of God, and instead of running from it, they embraced it, allowing Him to piece a very loving and precious love story that to this day is cherished. And God blessed both of them greatly with each other.

 Can you dare to trust God?

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