dsc01612.jpgI love peaceful, quiet moments in the midst of a busy life. I’m having one right now. The only sound I hear is a ticking clock. It’s times like this that I stop to take the time to find pleasure in the simple things in life, the things that mean the most to me. I look out the window on this warm afternoon and see the neighbor’s beautiful flowers happily blooming, the big trees standing so tall and straight, an American flag rippling in the soft wind.

I enjoy and revel in the warmth, security and love that I find in my dear family and friends. The healthy exuberance of a robust niece and two nephews. The notes and sentiments of friends who have left their footprints in my heart. The full moon on a star-lit night. The rainbow at the end of a storm.

Considering these precious things I say, Lord, You have been good.

What if the flowers never bloomed again?

What if the trees fell, never again to stand tall?

What if the symbol of American freedom were torn to shreds and never again would I see it flapping in the wind?

What if I never got to see another rainbow?

What if the night were always black?

What if I were stricken by some rare disease?

What if my friendships dissolved in ashes around me?

What if little arms never again reached out to me and a lisped, “I give Beemoo a hig,” never reached my ears?

What if I had no home, no family, no human love?

Yet still I could say, Lord, You have been good. How could He not be when He has given me the hope of eternity–by the Blood of His own begotten Son? No matter what my circumstances, my life will always be better than I deserve it to be, because I deserve damnation, and because of His love for me, damnation is not what I’m getting.

And as I walk through the valleys, His peace will sustain me. When I climb the high mountains, His strength will carry me. When I cross the raging waters, He will be with me. When I tread through the shadow of death, He will comfort me.

He is God. His ways are perfect and past finding out. His faithfulness reaches the heavens. His gentleness is great. His love is enduring. His arms are everlasting. His hope is eternal.

O Lord, You have been good.