My dear sister thinks I’m a little touched in the head. 

I love the pretty- the sweet- the soft- the delicate- the extra feminine. 

I’m all girl, no exceptions. 

I often have wished that I lived sometime between 1750 and 1850, when ladies were strictly ladies and gentleman were nothing less than gentleman; when being a lady actually meant something, and life’s little romances were sacred and special–nothing light and frivolous.

 I’ve never desired to be anything other than “girl,” and I’ve never felt discontent with my lot in life.  In fact, I love it! And I’m more than pleased to be who God made me to be.

 My sister, on the other hand, well, is quite different than me.

 Although she is more than happy to be who God made her to be, as well, she is a staunch admirer of the women’s’ suffrage movement,  and many of those who stood behind it. Life void of useless frills would be glorious. 

She can think and act and live [for] herself just fine, without help from, (ahem!) the opposite gender.

 As a matter of fact, we had an argument the other night about whether or not 1Peter 3:4 was solely for married women, in which I assure you, she did most of the talking [smiles]. 

I argue that such principles are always a benefit, whether or not you are a wife (which is not part of her agenda, I might add).

Well, as much as it may appear that the both of us must clash, I am happy to say that for the most part, we do not. Even though I doubt there are two sisters more different from one another, I think we balance each other out well. 

 In order to give a good comparison of the two of us, I’d like to compare her and I to either Meg and Jo March in Louisa May Alcott’s book “Little Women”or Jane and Elizabeth Bennett in Jane Austen’s novel “Pride and Prejudice”Me being Meg or Jane, and Rebecca being Jo or Elizabeth. Yes, Rebecca is one of those young ladies… 

(sigh) I generally don’t understand her! 

But then again, what would I do without her???

To lose her would be to lose my best friend and sister.  

I’ll never forget the evening before I left the boonies of southern Mexico, when I called my family say “hello” and “looking forward to seeing you soon…”  

I got my sister on the phone, and she says, “I bought you a gift that you’ll just love! It’s red…” And that’s all she would say.  

Ok… it’s red… hmmm, I really don’t like the color red, what on earth could it be?!

“You’ll have to wait until you get home to know what it is!”

My flights were so delayed on the way home, that I didn’t arrive at my house until quite late… I no sooner walked through the door, when I saw Rebecca’s cheery face, and heard her voice say “Welcome Home!”  while a dozen red roses were thrust into my hands!  

Yes, we may be quite different, but we really do love each other, and I wouldn’t trade my sister for the world!

Who would there be to “stick up” for me, when I might be in “trouble”?!  With Rebecca, I feel like I always have my own  personal attorney…

There’s so much I could say, but words just aren’t enough.  The English language hasn’t produced words sufficient enough…!


I love you, Rebecca

Thank you for your friendship, and for being my sister.  Thank you for being who you are, and for accepting me for who I am…

Thanks for your bold witness for Jesus, and for your zeal for the Kingdom of God! Stay devoted to Christ!!!

~::~ Rachel Marie ~::~