Sometimes the winding path of your life leads up a mountain, or juts down into a deep, lonely valley. Sometimes it walks a lonely trek. Rain pelts your face, thunder crashes around, and fog clouds the terrain of the path you trod on.

Life is never certain, often lending itself to weariness. Strength evaporates like steam clouds rising on a mountain’s stream. Burdens crushing against the heartbeat, hunger eating away at the soul, thirst craving for the melody of a babbling brook.

You will never know what tomorrow holds. You will never be certain about the future. Fear becomes the handhold of your heart and a stubborn hold of uncertainty clings fiercely to the unanswered questions that pervade your mind about tomorrow.

As your trail etches through the wilderness stopping only in the silence of weariness and the pain of grief, what is there? No strength to go on, no answers for the uncertain path that lies ahead, the once bright flame of hope ebbs away and dissolves into a dying ember.

But the One who is forever the same, who declares to be the Great I Am, who holds the future in the palm of His hand and who sees the path you take waits for the stillness when He may come and visit your heart and touch your soul. He fills the emptiness of hopelessness.

And when you take the reins you held on to for so long and commit them to His keeping, He’ll raise you up. You will stand on mountains, you will walk on stormy seas, you will be strong. Because a heart He abides in is a heart that is forever changed for eternity. He says nothing is impossible with Him.

Not even your unanswered questions, not even your doubts, not even the charred candlewick that once burned brightly with your dreams and hopes. Nothing constrains God. He will make you more than you can be, because He is God. He will not be deterred by your helpless inability to understand the torrents of life.

In His sovereignty, He feels your pain. In His strength, He encompasses your weakness. In His fullness, He fills your emptiness. In His love, He raises you up.

And in that moment of complete trust and sheer wonder, you just might glimpse the pinnacle of eternity.