I’ve always loved to inhale the rich scent of a warm summer rain. The fresh, clean fragrance is so beautiful and refreshing. It radiates life and feels like something brand-new.

Rain sprinkles the ground with little drops, touching the earth with life and newness. Plants that once were wilted and dry, begin to flourish again with renewed radiance. Things lifeless and withered are touched with newness when its soil is moistened by the life-giving substance.

Have you ever stopped to consider a rain drop? Intricate, delicate and beautiful. It holds within its miniscule being a tiny little rainbow. Each drop of rain embodies the token that God is faithful to His promises. The tinkle of rain on the roof is a reminder of His faithfulness and goodness. As it tenderly nourishes all creation, it manifests but a small metaphor of His beauty.

It makes me think of the time God posed a question, prompting humanity to wonder at His infinite eminence as Creator and King of the universe:

Does the rain have a father?
       Who fathers the drops of dew?”

(Job 38:28)

Can one fathom the mysteries of the majesty of God? Creator of mountains and valleys, planets and orbits, oceans and rivers… But then you stop to think about the fact that He created each raindrop. What an intricate expression of His sovereign complexity. With each raindrop He reminds us that He still loves, that He still cares and that never will He forsake His own.