by Katie Marie 

I think that at this time of year you can write and think about cold weather and laugh. However, in the heat of the moment -or cold- it is a serious matter! So the time is perfect for a cold post in the heat of August!

I love coffee. It warms you from the inside out! Definitely a cold weather necessity. I find that there are different degree to which I enjoy coffee. Literally. Have you ever noticed that there are different levels of “cold”? This past winter I think I have developed the proper terms for stages of cold. First let me preface how I came to these conclusions.

I was getting up at 5am, leaving for work at 5:30am to arrive at work at 6am. Being that it was still pitch black out and I had recently crawled out of a nice, comfortable and warm bed my body was quite sensitive to the temps!

  •  First there is “Chilly”.

 “Chilly” is when you walk out side and the breeze brushes you giving you goosebumps which disappear as you rub your arms vigorously and comment that “It isn’t any to warm out”.

In “chilly” situations coffee is a nice luxury.

  •  Secondly there is “Cold”

 “Cold” is when you walk outside with a jacket on and you feel the cold biting through your clothes and is nipping at your ears. You shiver and and state that “Brr! It is cold out here” and laugh as you get in the car and turn up the heat.

In “cold” situations coffee is counted on to warm your hands until the heat kicks in.

  •  Thirdly there is “Really cold”

  “Really cold” is when you walk out side, pull up the car, turn up the heat and run back inside to warm up before you have to go sit on ice cold leather seats. You absorb as much heat as possible before you run back out to the car and slide in and exclaim that you are “Freezing to death!”

Coffee in “really cold” situations is the only method to keep you defrosted as you wait for the heat.

  • Fourthly and lastly there is “Beyond cold”

 “Beyond cold” is where you put on 3 layers of sweatshirts beneath your down jacket and hug yourself while you numbly put one foot in front of the other as you aim for the car. Upon arrival you jerkily remove your hands from under your armpits and gingerly slide in the frigid car. In “beyond cold” you hardly breathe and stiffly sit in one tense position as you shake (an advanced case of shivering) trying to retain any remaining heat you have. In this situation you desperately cling to your coffee as if your life depended on it as you murmur that it is “30 below” in the car. You anxiously wait for your heater to feel warm, and about a block away from work it does.

In two words, on those “really cold” days coffee is an “absolute necessity!”

My favorite way to fix my coffee is this:

– preferably flavored coffee, the best is hazelnut!
    real maple syrup

 Add cream to the coffee till you get it to the correct “color”
add syrup till it is sweet enough for your tastes.

But for now, get outside and enjoy the warmth and sun of summer!

img_0062.jpgKatie Marie is an active young lady with a heart for the Lord. She lives in the beautiful state of Wisconsin, particularly enjoying the outdoors and EMS work, not to mention her own sweet pair of darling nephews.