….but anyone can have a friend!

Friends are like coffee, only much better. They come in all shapes, sizes, varieties and flavors. Ever notice that the more you soak them up, the richer you become?

Friendship is among the most beautiful things that God created. True friendship, that is. True friends are the vessels He uses to lift us up when we are down, to give a hug when needed most, to point out perspectives in ways we can’t see, and to demonstrate just a small portion of His unfathomable love for us.

And just what is a true friend? I don’t think we adequately understand the value of such God-ordained relationships. “Friend” has taken on the same broad, dimmension that “love” has. I love coffee, and I love my baby nephew…. yet the love I have for the taste of coffee is an entirely different emotion than the love I feel towards little Alex.

 You can have 500 friends in your profile on myspace, but perhaps not one of them is really one you can trust and rely on to be true to you.

And so, in my day-to-day life, I can come across a hundred people that I would call “friends of mine”. People I really like, people who probably like me. Yet if I am not investing my heart in their lives, and they’re not investing theirs in mine, the “true” aspect of friendship is not there.

Everyone needs at least one true friend. A couple is better, many are best. But one should not walk through life without a friend he can trust and who can trust him. One with whom he can share his heart and be confident in the fact that it will not be stabbed when he turns his back.

I don’t know about you, but I sure enjoyed the Sister Appreciation submissions that were sent in. However, not everyone has the pleasure of having a sister. Friendships are important. And in the coming days, weeks, or even perhaps months, we will look at the many areas of friendship. In the mean time, make sure you let your friends know they mean something to you!