15.jpgIndeed, this is a crucial part in relationships. When David’s life was threatened, he ran to the friend he knew and trusted: Jonathon. He knew he could spill the turmoil of his life at Jonathon’s feet. Jonathon would listen.

Sometimes all your friend needs is a listening ear to pour out the burdens weighing on his or her heart. There’s a time to speak, but there’s also a time to bite your tongue and be quiet. Listen with your heart, be attentive to what your friend (or even sibling or spouse) are saying. Don’t interject your opinions if not necessary, that can come later. Interrupting a heart-train-of-thought can derail it.

Protectively guard the secrets expressed. This is the way you build trust in a relationship. Don’t take advantage of a trusting friend to exploit to another. That is injust and cruelty at its best. Jonathon was the son of the one who vehemently sought David’s life. I’m sure Jonathon could’ve been lavished with more material rewards than his heart could wish to just leak bits of information, but he did not. He was true to David and their friendship.

Listen with your heart, and never abuse the trust a friend places in you.