“Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the sons of God.” Matthew 5:9

There’s nothing like being stuck in the cross-fire is there? That’s precisely where Jonathon found himself. Dad hates David, David scared of Dad. Instead of running from the fight and letting them work it out, he stepped in. He settled David’s fears, and then turned to Saul’s issues. He reminded him of David’s heroic acts, he declared there was nothing that David had done to displease Saul so. He went out of his way to speak good of David, emphasizing with poignant grace David’s good points.

And such is your responsibility. Do not demean a person to gain status in the eyes of others, rather bring peace where there is war. Soothe the fight by gentle suggestions as to the person-in-question’s character. Perhaps you are acquainted with one who is enraged (or even just slightly ticked) at your friend. Don’t argue, don’t demand answers to strife-mongering questions, just state simple facts about the good character of your friend.

And whatever you do, never stop loving.