Hurt, pain, suffering, death, loss, lonliness, confusion, stress, fatigue… all a part of life. Questions go unanswered and the million why’s echo into nothingness. One of the most beautiful ways to invest in a relationship is to encourage. Be there to love and support and build up. When your friend despairs, point out the bright side. Help them find a rainbow in a raindrop, peace in a storm, a smile in a flower.

Share a verse, a poem, a song. Drop a card in the mail. Make a phone call. Let them know that you’re there for them, and more importantly that their situation or struggle does not extend the reach of God. Tell them they can cling tightly to the last thread, or they can let it all go and hold on to Jesus. 

Encouragement is vital in life. We all need friends in our lives who can come up beside us and say, “Keep going! This soon shall pass, there’s always hope!” Be that friend to someone else.