September 2007


Earth has no sorrow
that Heaven can not heal.

–Thomas More


We found out this morning that my Uncle John committed suicide last night. It’s a tragedy. All the questions that immediately flood your mind when you hear such devastating news are questions that have no answers in this situation. The senselessness of it all is the only thing I can see right now. My mom is taking this really hard. Please pray for the entire family. His three boys, his ex-wife, his three sisters… Can something good come out of such a tragedy?

Thank you so much.


This is hardly related to anything that has to do with femininity or coffee, but I just had this feeling that there must be at least one horse lover in our midst. For that, my dear friend, this post is for you. A few photos of my siblings, Hannah and Levi, riding their steeds, Shivohn and Amigo, in the sunset on a beautiful Wisconsin Autumn evening.








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by Katie Marie


Here I sit on a beautiful night. The moon is full and shining bright, the crickets are singing, all else is quiet. Here I am, as awake as could be. But what a gorgeous night to have sleep evading me! I’ll use this time to type out a few thoughts I’ve been pondering. Yes, I am the type of person that muses and thinks and wonders and then ponders some more!

First and foremost in my mind is an open question. Can you see color in the moonlight? Sometimes it seems like I can and other times I can’t. Any thoughts? 🙂

Blessings in disguise have been a frequent matter of pondering lately. So many have happened to me recently. So many things that seem just awful when they happen so often times in the future turn out so well. How many times have I said, “Well, I guess I was better off”, “I’m so glad now that that happened!” “Am I ever glad that God is in control of my life instead of me!” 🙂 And so on and so forth.

Think of all the things that have seemed to not turn out so well, even looking back. But perhaps they were a blessing in disguise and I haven’t seen it yet; maybe I never will. But I know I can have confidence in Christ that all things work to His glory. When we wonder why things are happening a certain way, in work situations, in a relationship or lack there of with the opposite sex (or any relationship for that matter), why we were late for this or that or who knows what! The worn out saying “Count your blessings” remains so true. Thank God for all things, for blessings in disguise are present and truly are gifts!img_0062.jpg

Katie Marie is an active young lady with a heart for the Lord. She lives in the beautiful state of Wisconsin, particularly enjoying the outdoors and EMS work, not to mention her own sweet pair of darling nephews.


I talked to our very own Rachel Marie last night. If you keep up on her blog, This One Thing I Do, you know that she recently underwent oral surgery to remove 4 wisdom teeth that had been causing her a lot of discomfort. Due to the teeth being impacted the surgery was quite invasive and cut into her bone. The surgery itself went great. However, recovery is extremely painful and intense. I just want to encourage you to hold this dear girl close in prayer for a fast and full recovery. Not to mention, her sweet mom is due to have a baby any day, so the swift return to health is vital! 🙂 I know she will greatly appreciate your prayers for her.


Thank you,

These people draw near Me with their mouth, and with their lips do honor Me, but they have removed their heart far from Me, and their fear toward Me is taught by the precept of men.
Isaiah 29:13

26.JPGWhen our Christianity fits in a box, adheres to the norm, and comes out perfectly shaped like the people around us’, the time has come to rethink our mold.

Thinking doesn’t always come naturally. It’s far too simple to just do lip service. To honor the Master by our words and impress others by our eloquence. But far too often reality is that the heart is at a great distance from God… We’ve succumbed to a counterfeit love by the limited generic form of being whatever our doctrine declares us to be.
We adopt the rules, laws and dogma of man to thereby portray a seemingly godly existence. Good standards and holy living reach a higher level than the cross of Christ, and that is the greatest detriment to our love for God.
Can we dare to frustrate His grace in such a manner? His utmost desire is not the walk, the talk and the look, but it’s the heart. We can do all the outward, but it’s useless when the heart is set on something other than what Christ has done.

“I feel as if Jesus Christ died only yesterday.” So stated Martin Luther. Such a vivid conviction is imperative to captivate the heart and turn it towards God. The utmost sacrifice is of little value when the sight of the cross is diminished. It’s the heart broken by the limpidity of the towering, blood-stained cross that God inhabits. And out of that crushing comprehension, new life can bloom.

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