I think we can all attest to enjoying a barefoot walk along a sandy beach. Sinking toes into the warm, comfortable sand, creating footprints to follow us around.

But how long do footprints in the sand last? While the wind is calm and the waves don’t beat against the shoreline, the imprints remain undisturbed. But then a breath of wind, a single wave, and the footprints wash away as clean as if they had never existed.

Relationships today are often far too similar to footprints on the beach. We live in a fickle society that has produced fickle people. As long as the sun shines, the waters are calm and the billows do not blow, they remain. But then comes the storm. And suddenly, friendships dissolve, washing away and are forgotten like footprints on the beach.

Loyalty is a hard thing to come by these days. People are not faithful to each other. Trust is so often exploited and abused. Divorce is rampant, affairs within marriage have been prevalent, walls between others and ourselves are so often built high and wide, unfaithfulness is the norm. Loyalty is a virtue few possess.

Why? Because we’re selfish. We care about ourselves more than the people in our lives. We’re focused on our feelings, and if we think we might get hurt, we go the other way.

Nowhere in that mentality does true love reside. True friends will anchor themselves to love, weathering the storms, standing strong when the fickle sand castles dissolve.