10-1.jpgHe had done nothing but save the nation and kept the crown on the king, but reality hit when the king’s javelin struck the wall just above his ear. The hero was now the hunted.

By all standards, the king was destined to be a slave to the Philistines. But then David showed up on the scene, grabbed his sling shot, knocked the evil one on the noggin, and King Saul had his kingdom handed back to him, along with his freedom, with the crown still intact on his head.

But Saul had this memory-loss problem. He entirely forgot about his impending slavery to his enemies when he became the slave to jealousy. Jealousy is cancer to love. Let it go untreated, and you can expect that it will eat away at the relationships in your life until they succomb to a slow and painful death. This cancer was intent on taking David’s life all together, as stated by the whirr of the spear as it whizzed past his ear.

Jealousy has subtle beginnings, and far too-often sad endings. What starts off as a slight drip, drip of lusting after what is possessed by another, becomes a blazing inferno in the heart, dictating the mind and thought-patterns. Eventually, the green-eyed monster erupts and throws a javelin.

When jealousy starts to trickle in, stop it. Like the bygone dunes of Holand, do not tolerate the slightest drip, or you’re in trouble. In a simple matter of time, you’ll find yourself consumed with striving to be better than every one else. What’s worse, you’ll inflict serious pain and hurt into the ones you used to love. You’ll batter loyalty, abuse trust, and stab backs. I don’t think it’s a very far-fetched prediction to claim that you won’t see it coming, but next thing you know the relationships that were most dear to your heart are washed away, leaving you grasping to the shredded remains in the thirsty tide that is never quenched. And you’ll hate the fickle person you’ve become.