Forgiveness: the Ultimate Example

by Rachel Marie


I don’t think we have any idea at all the incredible power and weight in Jesus’ famous words while hanging on a cruel Roman cross:

“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”
(Luke 23:34)

He’s hanging there, bleeding for you and I, suffering agony both physically and spiritually beyond anything that you and I have ever been through, or will ever go through. The vivid and graphic portrayal of the ultimate sacrifice of love. And yet, He’s begging forgiveness of the Father… for us??? The Perfect Lamb for sinners slain never once had a selfish thought.

Obviously, none of us have ever been crucified; but I can almost guarantee that we would not respond to such cruelty, such injustice, with the same love and mercy that He displayed on Calvary for you and for me. No, Jesus isn’t asking more of us than he already gave of Himself.

So in light of the fact that although you may have been very, truly hurt by someone, they haven’t crucified you. I don’t believe it’s too much to ask that you consider applying Jesus’ words in Luke 23:34 as a sincere, heart-felt prayer to your own situation.

And no, I’m not making light of whatever your “situation” is, and whatever pain you may be experiencing due to the injustice that another person has inflicted upon you. Not in the least bit!!! It’s hard, I know, believe me….! I may not have faced the same things that you have, or are facing, but I know what it’s like to be hurt, and receive no apology from the offending party. I know what it’s like to ache inside, and feel incurable. But Jesus wants us to be well! Not to ache and mourn our way through life, no! That’s not “life” in Christ. You might be amazed at the healing that forgiveness will bring you. The ones who have hurt you, in most cases, will never come back and apologize… but don’t worry, none of the high priests, or Pilate, or Herod, or any of the others consenting to Jesus death ever came and apologized to him for what they had done. It isn’t necessary if the love of Christ is penetrating your heart and life.

Again, I’m not excusing the wrong and hurtful actions of others. They are very wrong indeed. But Jesus teaches us to be that true friend back even to false friends by showing love, forgiveness, and compassion – “for they know not what they do.”

img_0009.jpgRachel Marie is a sweet young lady who loves the Lord with all her heart. She is keenly interested in the study of biblical womanhood and authored a well-noted article, Just a Girl Through & Through. Along with her gift of writing, her hobbies also include photography, flowers, sewing and a host of other avenues she uses to vent her creativity. Her heart beat is missions with a particular love for China.