There’s something very intriguing about living with one’s sisters. Especially when it’s late at night, the house is quiet, and I’m about to shut the light off and call it a day; then the soft snoring coming from the other side of the wall ceases. A pair of bare-feet patter into my little pad, squinting brown eyes glower at me for a moment and then turn to my cosmetics. As though some rose fairy somewhere were ailing from a potentially terminal case of parched skin, my sis quickly snatches the bottle of English Rose lotion, tucked it under her arm, and turned to rush out. No please, no thank you, no nothing.

 “Uh, Hannah? What do you need my lotion for?” I ask, at an attempt at intelligent conversation. After all, we generally at least pass a hello to each other when our paths cross and don’t generally administer the silent treatment. And honestly, I was curious to this apparent dire need for this particular lotion. I had no idea it was so special.

She stops in the doorway, scratches her head and looks at the bottle as if it used to be a teddy bear. “Oh, is this lotion?” She asked incredulously. She peers at the label, doubting its obvious contents, shakes the bottle a little, and returns it to it’s place on the stand, knocking the rest of the display over in the process. “Hmm. I thought it was…. I thought it was….. Um. I don’t know.” Scratching her head again she staggered back to her bed where the snoring resumed.  

Is life ever so intriguing for you?