by Stephanie


Trust – the pivotal point where a life moves forward or falls back. Trust is the attitude of heart that either shows one’s ultimate life philosophy or else a hypocritical thought pattern. I must no longer tell others how they should trust in God if I am not living out these beliefs in my own life. My words must actually come to be reflected in the way that I live. Will I believe God or will I live in fear and doubt? Will I hope in Him or will I give up on everything good?

God’s Word teaches that He will work in my life in the way that He knows is best for me. This means that I must not grasp at what I think is best when I should be hoping in God. The hardest part is likely the waiting and allowing the unknown to be worked out in me.

Again, trust is the fulcrum of all progress in one’s life. No forward movement can be made if one is not willing to lay his/her life down before the Heavenly Father. How can He do anything with an unwilling and fearful vessel?

My desire is to be a vessel that is willing and open for the Lord to use. Scripture says “Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Do not lean on your own understanding.” If I insist on having my own way in whatever situation is before me, then the promise that comes with this verse… “and He shall direct your paths…” will not be applicable to my life.

The challenge that is calling out to you and to me is this: “Commit your way unto the Lord; trust also in Him, and he shall bring it to pass.” (Ps. 37:5) What is the ‘it’ that is referred to here? I believe ‘it’ refers to the perfect and holy will of God – that which He knows is best for each one of our lives. Are you willing to join me on the adventure of entrusting our lives into God’s hands? Will you seek to allow Him total access to each area of your life? This is my prayer for my own life, and I hope it is the desire of your heart as well.

gse_multipart14173.jpgStephanie, a Christian young woman living in the beautiful mountains of Idaho in the summer and on the East Coast of Florida during the school year. She has a passion for drawing closer to Jesus Christ and reaching out to others through writing, music, and in any other way the Lord would choose.