There is such a difference in knowing something to be true in your mind, and feeling it within yourself.

Guest author, Caitlin Butler, is pleading for prayer for the serious condition of her dad (he is basically in congestive heart failure), her family and herself. The unknowns are great, the tendency towards fear and panic is immense, and to transfer all the head-knowledge of trusting in God to the heart can be very difficult in times like these. Therefore, I’m asking you, dear readers, to take a moment and lift up Caitlin and her family. They need our love and support and prayers.

10-2.jpgPray for: 

  • :: A fast recovery for her dad
  • :: Wisdom for the doctors
  • :: Grace for her mom and the rest of her family
  • :: Comfort for Caitlin

I know she will greatly appreciate your prayers.

For more details, read her post, If It’s Okay to Covet Prayers, and stay up to date on her xanga site, RainboGirl. You may also send her a note of encouragement at