In this corner of Wisconsin you know it’s the week of Thanksgiving by all the flecks of bright orange in the woods surrounding your property and the continual firing. It sounds like a war zone out there. Fortunately, it’s only deer hunting season. It is every Wisconsin dweller’s hope that after this season of rifle shots, the roads will be a little less treacherous with fewer deer to lend themselves to the obstacle courses known as highways around here.For those of you non-Wisconsin inhabitants, did you know that deer are the third most commonly struck objects in Wisconsin—other vehicles and fixed objects coming in first and second? There’s your trivia for today.

And in case you might happen to be wondering if I’m one of those neon orange-clad individuals with a big gun… I am not. And gladly so. I can sit in the warmth of indoors and sip coffee and wonder who would be so crazy as to want to be out all day in the biting wind traipsing through brambles or sitting in a frigid tree stand. Besides, I would feel pretty awful if it was my bullet that found it’s way into a deer’s hide and thusly ended its life. So I just keep the coffeepot fresh and make warm soups for hungry hunters and listen to all their tales of wounded big bucks with huge spreads that got away.

November nostalgia aside, I thought it would be interesting to see how many of our readers here on this feminine blog enjoy hunting—any kind of hunting. Perhaps some would argue that hunting is a man’s-only sport. I digress. I think it’s for anyone who enjoys it (which happens to knock me out of that category 🙂 ). What are your thoughts?