What is it that we seek? In what will our souls find rest and our hearts dwell in peaceable streams of contentment?

 Is it love and respect? Relationships rich in admiration, unbroken by slander and distrust? Is it in romance?

Is the purpose of life found in fortune? Bank accounts overflowing with money? Cash flowing like waves into our pocket books?

What are we looking for? Fame and stardom? Bright lights and screaming fans? Adoring attention from the masses?

Where are we placing our stocks? Health? Family? Friendships? Fame? Fortune and wealth? A life of ease and security? Stability? Is this where peace resides?

I’m afraid it is none of the above. There is no true peace and lasting joy in such material things. That can only be achieved by embracing the eternal hope that Christ has offered to us. By accepting His redemption, there we stand, on the threshhold of making it our life and message. It is the pursuit of a better country. It is the efforts of furthering the kingdom of God. It is about His agenda, not ours. It is His will, His purpose, His message.

Even so, may His glory shine through us.