Ha! Scramble… that’s my life–as if you needed to be told by the suggestions the serious lack of posts around here make.

With Christmas just around the corner it seems like suddenly a somewhat dull schedule is suddenly packed so full I haven’t even touched Christmas decorations yet! Ridiculous, I know.

Plans for life are something as follows… Saturday will find my sister and I at a concert (ah, Christmas concerts… sheer bliss), which we won’t come home from until the following day; Monday my family plans to be singing at a studio; Tuesday-Wednesday promises a slumber party of sorts; Friday finds us three or four hours from home singing at a coffeehouse; Sunday is a nursing home singing, and sandwiched into schedules wherever it can fit is this new project of renovating our house.

Crazy? Something like that.

What makes matters very interesting with a crazy schedule is getting completely knocked off your feet with a nasty virus. Picture this: Britt shivering in flannel pajamas wrapped in a heavy fleece robe, holding her head in one hand as though it was about to crumble into pieces, sitting uncomfortably at her computer doing google searches on “mono”. Fortunately her worst fears were not realized when she woke up bright and early a morning or two later feeling like her chirpy little self. Illness is definitely something I didn’t make room for in this schedule of mine.

Life for most people this time of year is a helter-skelter rat race. I’m sure many of you can identify with the aforementioned scramble feeling. To be honest with you, I think it’s sad that the significance of the precious event that we celebrate this time of year gets so lost in the hustle and bustle. I realize that often we have little say of what gets packed into our schedules, but whatever you do, don’t remove the Reason for the Season from your life to fit in other things. Remember the baby in the manger, not so much the presents under the tree. Remember what His birth meant, what His life cost, and what He has done for you. Keep Him in your life.