He commanded, “Let there be…” and it was so. From the tiniest raindrops to the peaks of the snow capped mountains, everything He touched breathed of beauty and wonder. God was not obligated to create our world, but He did. He did it because He loved us.

“I am your Creator, I love you.”

His own creation turned their back on His love in a moment of disobedience. One taste of the forbidden fruit and the purity of earth was swallowed by sin. Atonement must be made, blood would have to be shed. The righteousness of God could not overlook sin. He would love us in His holiness.

“I am the Holy One, I love you.”

Early one morning in Bethlehem, His Son came. He was swaddled in rags, and nestled in the dusty straw of a dirty manger. He was announced by a star, His lullaby was sung by angels, He was worshipped by shepherds. So lowly and obscure was His birth, that His own would not recognize Him. God had sent Him, yet we didn’t know Him. But still, He loved us.

“I am Your Redeemer, I love you.”

The Son of God was born to die. It was the ultimate sacrifice that would finally meet God’s standard of holiness. It was our guilt He bore on His shoulders. It was our sin that hung suspended by nails on that cross… Our sin, in the form of God’s Son! He who knew no sin took ours upon Himself, that we may be redeemed and become the righteousness of God… For the simple reason that He loved us.

“You are My child, I love you.”