by Rachel Marie

img_0407.jpgI remember very well one evening several months ago when I was having an extremely difficult time, both spiritually and emotionally. I had just about decided to give up all my crazy “dreaming.” Dreaming about the future (my future, specifically), seemed to only disappoint and disillusion my heart and mind. After all, how much of it actually had come true so far…?

Hm, not much, I guessed. I was disheartened. I was disappointed. I was confused. I was unsure. I was sad. I… I… I…

Looking back I see what my problem was, clearly. All I could think of was myself. My ambitions, plans, and wishes. I was not concerned for others; I was not concerned for Christ’s Kingdom. I was only worried about myself, and what would become of me.

I knew what I wanted, but it seemed to me that God either didn’t understand or wouldn’t answer me. And wasn’t I supposed to look forward to the years ahead? Wasn’t I supposed to be dreaming up and anticipating great things? Why did it seem like all my hopeful sunshine had died down to a few faint sparks?

Perhaps it was all because the Lord knew and saw my heart, and realized that I was so self-focused that I could no longer see much else.

This is not to say that dreaming is wrong. It is not wrong. Dreams are indeed the very stuff of life. God’s Word instructs us to have hope, and to have vision, without which we would “perish”. This is also not to say that I have now arrived to some selfless plain of perfection. No, far, far from it. However, I can now thank and bless God for allowing me to experience the struggle of “dreamlessness.” I’m learning more and more that the struggles and trials which the Lord chooses to lead me through are not for vain purposes, or for further disappointments. In truth, such struggles do often only appear as disappointing and vain while one is in the midst of them; but many blessed, beautiful truths are learned and birthed out of the deepest of agonies and struggles, and the Lord in His infinite wisdom knows that.

That same night when I was mulling over myself, and everything that I wanted, the Lord brought something to my attention, which both convicted and challenged me. It was an article written for people in my stage of life, going through my kind of struggles. God used it to bless and change my outlook on life… for the better, and for His glory. It spoke directly to my heart and life where I was at that time. It showed me that “Impossible Dreams” are not impossible after all…“For life to be fully lived it must wrestle the impossible and win. For life to be fully lived, the God of the impossible must be fully trusted with the writing of the script.”

I have far from “arrived,” but although the learning is at times so wearily painful, I see how that simply dreaming up things that will please myself is so very futile. The Lord can never bless such dreaming, and will likely bring it all to naught in order to show you Himself, and what truly matters in life.My encouragement to you if what I have written here has spoken to your heart in anyway, is to seek Jesus. That precious, heavenly Babe born in the lowly cattle stable. Seek Him First and Foremost. Focus on Him, and He will direct all your dreams down His way of perfection. It may not be exactly what you’ve hoped and planned for, but His way is always perfect. Only TRUST Him now. He knows, and sees, and loves all.

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img_0009.jpgRachel Marie is a sweet young lady who loves the Lord with all her heart. She is keenly interested in the study of biblical womanhood and authored a well-noted article, Just a Girl Through & Through. Along with her gift of writing, her hobbies also include photography, flowers, sewing and a host of other avenues she uses to vent her creativity. Her heart beat is missions with a particular love for China.Contact: