by Katie Marie 

Living in Wisconsin for the past 18 years I’ve learned a lot about our “Frozen Tundra”!

I wrote last July about the different categories of cold in my post “Coffee and Cold”.

 Today I will expound on the varying levels of winter driving.

 Indeed, there is a big differences! There is the minor category, and medium category, and then you have the more treacherous level I will call White Knuckled Driving.

That is what we’ll focus on today.

Ah yes, WKD (White Knuckled Driving). I got a chance to drive in some of that last weekend when a two day storm blew through our area.

It started out with Minor winter driving with rain and then rain turned into thick rain, to freezing rain, to wet snow, to nice large fluffy snow to itty bitty icy snow driven by gusting winds. 

By this time conditions were well into WKD weather.

I had to work the weekend. It is a 30 min drive one way in good weather. Saturday, like I said, was minor. But by the time Sunday came around we had a a good foot of snow with large drifts and roads slicker than snake snot.

When I came home most of the roads had not been plowed and there was a layer of ice beneath the snow. I knew the instant I got out of the parking garage and onto the road
that it was going to be a WKD drive home.

Its like this:

You pull out of the parking lot and turn your blinker on to turn out onto the road and slowly put on the gas. Your wheels spin before gaining traction, once traction is gained you turn out onto the road with the back of your car sliding out sideways. Once you gain control of your vehicle you slowly plow through the snow till you have to stop at a stop
sign. Giving yourself twice the stopping room you hold the brake down and let the Anti Lock Brake system do its thing. Once coming to a sliding stop you make your turn. And since you slid into the intersection already you just turn your wheels and keep going. Once you hit the interstate you hit the plowed roads. Your speed creeps up to 40-45mph at the most so you can make it through the drifts. Once in a while some fool driver with 4 wheel drive who thinks he’s invincible will come flying past you. The wind blows your car sideways, as your going 40-45mph.  Your already white knuckles clench tighter and an intake of breath is taken and held until you feel your tires have traction again.

 Then the fun part.

 Getting off the plowed, glare ice interstate you get on an exit ramp. An unplowed exit ramp.  Again, as you fish-tail a little you remind yourself to breath. Once coming to a brief halt at the intersection you pry your fingers off the steering wheel to let some blood take residence in the capillaries.

Stopping to get gas in fun too. Praying mightily that you won’t hit the pump, you slide into place. Pushing the door open against the screeching wind your breath gets blown away. Once the gas tank is full you feel confident that if you should slide into a ditch somewhere you won’t freeze to death.

The rest of the way home is similar to what I have already described.

Once home, you again pry your fingers of the steering wheel and give thanks to God that you made it!

Believe it or not, I am not exaggerating! But don’t take it for complaining! I love this stuff! It is mighty exhilarating! I may not say so if I actually did end up in a ditch somewhere, but hey, it would be an adventure! I love WI and winter!

Given an option, I would take WKD ANY DAY over city driving!

img_0062.jpgKatie Marie is an active young lady with a heart for the Lord. She lives in the beautiful state of Wisconsin, particularly enjoying the outdoors and EMS work, not to mention her own sweet pair of darling nephews.