Life continues to rush on, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, time slips through my fingers like sand, and I am unable to pen all the rhetoric thoughts that are appropriate for this time of year. Things like, looking ahead, trusting God with our futures, and how to keep resolutions (don’t worry, I don’t have the answers on that one 🙂 ).

 As is not necessarily so unusual for me, a last minute decision sent me spending my first day of 2008 on the road with my Nebraskan part of the family. I am now currently residing in this state that has really grown on me and will be here for an unprecedented length of a month–give or take.

 In other words, my writing speals will have to be squeazed in between the nannying of three wee ones, ages three and under, and that is why this little spot on the web lacks in things most of your blogs are full of. A simple Happy New Year sounds slightly cliche, but will have to do for now. Eloquence dwindles when morning comes so soon.