dsc08005-1.jpgLike the rich young ruler, we find we cannot give up our treasured possessions, whatever they may be, even though God himself is standing before us with a better offer. If you think his story is not also your own, you are out of touch with yourself.

I remember standing in the East River several summers ago. It was a gorgeous summer evening, and I was about to enjoy some great fly-fishing. I had just begun to cast when God spoke to me.
Put down the rod, he said. I’d like to spend some time with you.
I was irritated. Now? I replied. You want to talk to me now? Why not later on the drive home? There’s plenty of time in the car.

Good grief. What an addict I am! Thus the father of lies turns our most precious treasure—our longing for God and for his kingdom—into our worst enemy. It is truly diabolical. We wind up serving our desire slavishly or resenting it, or a little of both.

–John Eldredge