Today marks the end of the brutal cold spell we’ve been having. It seems almost hard to believe that we can finally anticipate some warmer weather here in this frozen wasteland known on the map as Wisconsin.
I have been pining away for Spring ever since the first time the thermometer touched the -50 mark many moons ago.  
 I realize maybe some of you may be even farther north than myself (a special hello to you arctic dwellers who read my blog!), so I really do hate to rub it in that we’re getting warmer weather. But if the following numbers in the forecast seem a mite depressing for you (because we’re getting it before you), go make yourself a nice warm cup of coffee. Believe you me, java has been my lifeline through the last several months of plummeting temperatures. (Maybe you should set the pot to brewing now before you read what’s to be read after the following picture of a freezing horse known around here as FaLize.)
So I checked the forecast this morning and there’s a warm front moving in. Today will be all of (get this, folks…) Four Degrees. Yes, you heard right! And that would be four degrees above zero, in case you might happen to wonder. Sure, there’s a chance of snow, and there’s still that windchill that knocks the dew-point to -12°F (-24°C). But really, it’s not that big of a deal, because the official technical temperature stands above zero. Could this be a record high? And what’s even more, there’s a heat wave rolling in on Wednesday, according to the weatherman (of course, he does have that reputation of dashing our hopes, but it’s nothing more than a mere damper on the excitement). They are predicting a high of 22° fahrenheit. Who wants to hit the beach with me?