Okay, so I had to admit I was having a really bad day. One of those days that really…… well, I won’t even bother to use the word that comes to mind; let’s keep this G-rated!

It all started when the rudely cheerful sun started peeking through my east-facing window after a night of restless slumbers. Sleepy and hating that ugly beady-eyed thing looking at me in the mirror I hopped in a hot shower, knowing how fresh and clean I would be in a matter of minutes. Just as I was reaching for the soap bar the water pressure completely died. So there I was, cold, wet, shivering, and unclean. Grumpy? Totally. This stupid water issue had been an ongoing thing the whole stupid week, and I can’t even take a whole stupid shower this stupid morning.

And then the coffee tasted burnt, and I couldn’t concentrate when I tried to read my Bible, and the house was a mess and there was a pile of laundry to do.

So there we were, off to a bad start. All of us—me, myself and I. And thence commenced a day filled with cancelled plans, changed plans, last-minute plans, stupid plans.

And what was my problem? As Nicole Whitacre so aptly put it in her article, GirlTalk: Handling Our Feelings,

I follow[ed] my feelings around in circles, forgetting that I am the owner and the leash should be on my feelings instead.

Ah! So what’s in control? The unsteady circumstances of life? Get real, Britt, whatever happened to perspective? The bright side? The optimism? The joy that is set before us?

I really ought to know better, especially after reading the book of Proverbs recently and reading all those verses about the contentious woman, the brawling woman, the angry woman…. I would die before I would admit I am one of those. Yet, when I let my feelings have control and let the problems of my life run me ragged, I think I know just where I’ll wind up. I really would hate to have my loved ones think sentimental thoughts about a corner of the rooftop when I’m around.

So come on, chill out. Go get a nice warm cup of coffee, (who cares if it sat on the burner too long and you have to exercise the gag reflex?), catch your breath and look at the bright side of your situation. Might want to name a few blessings while you’re at it. Don’t forget that nobody likes to hang out with the long-faced sour pussycats. And when you’re a child of God, you know better, and you have the power to change.

And really, each of us has a choice when it comes to facing life. Either I get a grip and grin, or life will get a grip on my grin. What will it be?