16.jpgWe must be saturated with our purpose as women. Only then will the serpent be rendered silent when we understand the value of our call. Young’s Literal Translation of the Bible says that when God confronted Eve about eating the fruit, she said that the serpent caused her to forget. She forgot who she was! She forgot what she was created for and went in search of prizes she could have received freely from God, if only she had done her job. Instead, she forfeited all that she had because she forgot her worth. When you rejoice in who you are, it heals those around you. I noticed that when I decided to get happy as a single woman, everyone around me stopped questioning me about when I was going to get married. Though it is a desire of their heart to see me married, it is now their desire for different reasons. Whereas before it was based on a happiness issue, now they fell that I would make some man a great wife because I am a blessing who should not be missed. While the question pertaining to my marital status used to be a thorn in my flesh, they have been replaced by admiration for how I have embraced my life as a single woman. Others are blessed to learn from my example that the words “single” and “happy” can have a peaceful coexistence.

A woman who knows who she is a powerful tribute to femininity.

Michelle McKinney Hammond
The Power of Femininity