dsc06580.jpgNoise. It’s a trademark of our culture, a signet of our lives. Whispers can be hard to be heard over the blare of society. There’s a lot of demand out there. Insistent shouts increase to an ear-piercing decibel, and pressures to do this and be that can catch us up in a vortex that is never satisfied.

In a world of so much noise, the voice of God is just a whisper. You know, it’s amazing how much His whisper can stand out. It’s like a violet blooming between the cracks in a sidewalk. The hard and ugly surface is broken by a simple little beauty and splash of sunlight.

His whispers are precious. When we’re caught up in the throws of life, we forget to listen for Him. Sometimes our over-stressed minds make God out to be a demanding taskmaster. If you’re laboring to fulfill the pressures and demands the world is placing on you, you just may be tuning in to the wrong station.

  • A shout demands; His whisper offers.
  • A shout invokes stress; His whisper brings peace.
  • A shout insists on its own way; His whisper invites a way in.
  • A shout provokes one to labor and toil; His whisper grants a place of rest and sweet repose.
  • A shout carries in its sound waves a threat of rejection; His whisper carries a secret of acceptance.
  • A shout suggests anger, animosity, hate; His whisper expresses His love.

Go to Him, all of you who labor to fulfill the demands others place on you, and He will give you rest. Listen for that still, small voice.