img_3161-1.jpgSo as hard as I try, sometimes life gets a little dysfunctional and terribly disorganized. My own living space has become clutter central. Frankly, I hate that. So, what do I do when it all gets to be too much? Reorganize. I found a very helpful site and am looking forward to reclaiming my closet and life. 😀 It has articles and tips covering every facet of life that needs organizing. Check it out. Hey, who wants to come raid my over-stuffed closet?

This past weekend Rachel Marie showed me the most adorably shabby online store. Whether you normally like dresses or not, these are going to crawl into your heart and seriously make you consider reconstructing your summer wardrobe. Check out I just found the inspiration to thin out my closet… So I can stuff it again!

And since this site deals with the girlie issues of the day, I can’t help but point out a helpful little site on beauty tips, hair care and make up. Don’t we just love being girls?