April 2008

To be stuck in the now of your existence is to be rendered powerless.

Michelle McKinney Hammond
The Power of Femininity


The other day my 3 year-old niece, Janae, squeezed me as tight as she could in her little arms and declared possessively, “My Beemoo!”

I scooped her up and relished being in the ownership of such a charming adorable little individual when she informed me, “Beemoo’s a girl.”

“Oh, right. Good job! What is Janae?”

“Wanae a girl.” And then she continued, “Gamma a girl, Hannah a girl, Mommy a girl. Daddy a boy. Gampa a boy. Wevi a boy.”

“Wow! You are so good!” I affirmed excitedly. Just then her brother Landon breezed by. “What’s Landon?” I asked.

“Nannon a boy… No….” Her brow furrowed deeply in concentration. “No, he a dude.

In my browsing around the blog world this evening, I happened upon this recipe. I plan to try it. 🙂

S’more Cheesecake