keeping home

Has the strange thought ever flitted across your mind along the lines of “Whatever happened to Britt?” I know it does for a few of you because you ask me things like, “Why aren’t you updating your blog?” And I think, “duh! My hands are full, can’t you tell?” and then I realize that you’re all looking at me through your computer screens and not even a webcam would reveal what kind of elbow grease I stir up… Simply because I don’t have my computer or a webcam in my sewing room.

Oh yep, I see the lights going on all over the place. Yeah, dear readers, I got bit by the sewing bug really bad. And so, by popular demand (I almost wondered if there’s a way to unsubscribe from quilt picture requests) I am revealing to you some of my most recent completed projects–all of which are the results of digging in my box of scraps. There’s another still in the works, but has yet to be disclosed.


This particular quilt is a rag quilt and is one of those things that little nephews are made of. That’s my li’l birthday boy snuggled in there.  
He’s a keeper–just in case you might’ve been wondering.





This one I pieced together one afternoon (80 yards of hand quilting excluded)–approximately crib-size. All variations of the Irish Chain intrigue me, so it’s generally inevitable that I will make at least one in one of my sewing fits.

Last year’s was a Double Irish Chain.




^^an “Ohio Star” lap quilt^^
and below is a close-up photo of a wall hanging of the same pattern to show the hand quilting.


Most recently completed is the following…


And that will be all for today folks! Amazing what a box of scraps can hold, isn’t it? Thanks for tuning in. 🙂


Never put anything anywhere “just for now.”

A simple rule of thumb to embed in your mind that will make a remarkable difference in keeping your environment organized and free of clutter. Believe me it works. 🙂 And don’t think that you save yourself time when you’re in a rush by just setting the pair of shoes there “for now”, or throwing the garment over a chair instead of hanging it in the closet where it belongs. To put something where it belongs may take a bit of effort, but only a mere few extra seconds generally, and will make a huge cut in your cleaning.

Put the comb back when you’re done with it, replace the book on the shelf when you’re done reading, hang the tool back in it’s place when you’re not using it… Keep your home and workspaces clean by remembering everything has a place, and purge the thought Just for now from your mind.