Femininity is definitely strength under control. Femininity is strength wrapped in a velvet glove. It doesn’t insist on its own way, but most of the time it gets it.

Michelle McKinney Hammond
The Power of Femininity


dsc08005-1.jpgLike the rich young ruler, we find we cannot give up our treasured possessions, whatever they may be, even though God himself is standing before us with a better offer. If you think his story is not also your own, you are out of touch with yourself.

I remember standing in the East River several summers ago. It was a gorgeous summer evening, and I was about to enjoy some great fly-fishing. I had just begun to cast when God spoke to me.
Put down the rod, he said. I’d like to spend some time with you.
I was irritated. Now? I replied. You want to talk to me now? Why not later on the drive home? There’s plenty of time in the car.

Good grief. What an addict I am! Thus the father of lies turns our most precious treasure—our longing for God and for his kingdom—into our worst enemy. It is truly diabolical. We wind up serving our desire slavishly or resenting it, or a little of both.

–John Eldredge

“The serpent knew never to underestimate the power of a woman. He knew the effect she had on man. This is why she became his target. He realized that the best way to pull man down was through the woman. One look from her could sink ships. One word of praise could cause him to leap tall buildings in a single bound. One disparaging comment would incapacitate him better than a collision with a Mack truck. Yes, the woman was definitely the best way to defeat the man and foil God’s plan.”

Michelle McKinney Hammond
The Power of Femininity

submitted by Kaylene


   “Let it be then your first solicitude to exhibit, in your early life and single state, all those general and moral beauties which form the character of virgin excellence.

Be holy, industrious, modest, benevolent, and useful: inspire hope in every beholder, and awaken expectation.

But then, be ever anxious, studious, and prayerful, that in the transition from single to the wedded state; in the development of the girl into the woman, all that was lovely, artless, and simple in youthful charms, shall, with unbroken and unvarying consistency, ripen into all that is holy, estimable, venerable in the wife, the mother, and the matron.”

John Angell James
In his book, Female Piety


As Mary waited for the time when she would be married to Joseph, she rejoiced in being a handmaiden of the Lord. She was rewarded with a visitation from God Himself, overshadowed by the Holy Spirit, and became the mother of Jesus Christ, Savior of the world. Talk about being a “force”! We as women are all called to birth something that will affect change for the better in the lives of those around us. Mary was a single woman, yet not one who bemoaned her fate. She was available to God and, because of this, He gave her a special honor. He longs to give us all that honor, to fill each one of us with Jesus Christ to overflowing, so that His virtue may flow out of us to touch, to heal, and to deliver.

::: Michelle McKinney Hammond


It is Love which causes Earth to yearn for rain, when the parched ground, barren with drought, has need of moisture.

It is Love which makes the Sacred Heaven swollen with rain, sink into the lap of


And when these twain are mingled, they beget and nourish all things.

comparing male and female to heaven and earth.


When we choose to hold on to our grudges, we relinquish control of our future. We trade the freshness of the new day and all its possibilities for the pain of the past.
David Jeremiah

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