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16.jpgWe must be saturated with our purpose as women. Only then will the serpent be rendered silent when we understand the value of our call. Young’s Literal Translation of the Bible says that when God confronted Eve about eating the fruit, she said that the serpent caused her to forget. She forgot who she was! She forgot what she was created for and went in search of prizes she could have received freely from God, if only she had done her job. Instead, she forfeited all that she had because she forgot her worth. When you rejoice in who you are, it heals those around you. I noticed that when I decided to get happy as a single woman, everyone around me stopped questioning me about when I was going to get married. Though it is a desire of their heart to see me married, it is now their desire for different reasons. Whereas before it was based on a happiness issue, now they fell that I would make some man a great wife because I am a blessing who should not be missed. While the question pertaining to my marital status used to be a thorn in my flesh, they have been replaced by admiration for how I have embraced my life as a single woman. Others are blessed to learn from my example that the words “single” and “happy” can have a peaceful coexistence.

A woman who knows who she is a powerful tribute to femininity.

Michelle McKinney Hammond
The Power of Femininity



Femininity is definitely strength under control. Femininity is strength wrapped in a velvet glove. It doesn’t insist on its own way, but most of the time it gets it.

Michelle McKinney Hammond
The Power of Femininity

“The serpent knew never to underestimate the power of a woman. He knew the effect she had on man. This is why she became his target. He realized that the best way to pull man down was through the woman. One look from her could sink ships. One word of praise could cause him to leap tall buildings in a single bound. One disparaging comment would incapacitate him better than a collision with a Mack truck. Yes, the woman was definitely the best way to defeat the man and foil God’s plan.”

Michelle McKinney Hammond
The Power of Femininity

Rediscovering the Art of Being a Woman

“Rediscovering the Art of Being a Woman” 

Cracking the covers of this book is like sitting next to a cozy fire sipping coffee and having a refreshing heart to heart with a wise friend. When the conversation ends—or as in this case, the last page is turned—you come away feeling changed, revitalized, regenerated, and energized in a refreshing sort of way.

I have watched women around me heed the deception that the serpent offers and run head long into his snare. I recall the many times I have stepped out on the well-trod path of chicanery myself, chasing the illusion we were all stumbling after. The joy we crave as women, the sense of belonging we strive for, and the desire to be fulfilled takes us down the wrong paths. We’ve lost our way, we’re frustrated, and we can’t understand where all the good men have gone.

There have been many occasions where I have exasperated, “Would someone please put down a legible road map for us?” Somebody suggested writing a book. Lacking the means necessary for such a book, I thank Michelle McKinney Hammond for saving me the trouble.

In her own, unique and candid style Michelle says it like it is—without pretense. She doesn’t beat around the bush, she doesn’t watch your toes, and she doesn’t tickle your ears. She does, however, talk woman to woman, speaking the truth in love, and puts her loving verbal arms around you and hugs you for being who you are.

Throughout the 309-page book, Michelle exposes and debunks the lies the Enemy has led us to believe. Going all the way back to the beginning in the Garden of Eden, she makes her way through countless analogies in Scripture. Digging deep into the lives of biblical women she takes her reader on a journey to rediscovering and reclaiming the joy and beauty of femininity. She points one to the God who created them, and helps them celebrate everything He made them to be.

With clarity she renders womanhood with the true value and beauty that belongs to it. Time after time she brings one back to the basics and helps them learn how to be who God created them to be.

She helps us see the importance of friendships between other women and ourselves. She elaborately places motherhood in the light it deserves to be in—a truly beautiful task the Lord gives women, the value of which could never possibly be measured. There is no such thing as “just” a mom. She helps us understand our strength in vulnerability, the power of our influence, and the lasting reward of virtue.

There’s nothing quite like the way she skills her reader in how to relate to men and clarifies the importance of them in our lives, whether married or single. This book will help girls know how to respond to the men in their lives in a way possessing of dignity and grace, granting her love, honor and respect in return. Throwing our weight around and digging in our little stiletto heels holds no victory in the war between the sexes. We can erase the battle lines and both man and woman can emerge as victors together.

Most of all, she brings us to an understanding of who God is and how desperately we need Him. This book is a great read for both married and single women, simply because she expresses so profoundly how our men are not the answers to our emotional needs. The void we may have in our lives is filled solely by our Creator. If our reliance is on a man or any other physical means, we will never truly be fulfilled.

This isn’t a book about options. It doesn’t treat you with psychological answers in relating to others, nor does it rave primarily on the author’s opinion. Instead it manifests the things we have lost as we have turned to other things and ideas in replacement of the true plan and design of God for our lives as women. Drawing from Biblical examples, you will become aware at how far you have strayed from His plan for you in your life as a woman… and the best part is she points the way back home.

This is a book I highly recommend for any female. Married, single, divorced, single mom…. You will find yourself encouraged and inspired. There is great joy in knowing who you are in the eyes of your Creator, and fulfilling your life the way He designed you to.

Purchase the book at The Power of Femininity

Edited to point out:
After a little more research, it appears Michelle has renamed her book and put a new cover on it. The Power of Being a Woman has a new look, but the content appears to be the same. Order it from CBD:
The Power of Being a Woman: Mastering the Art of Femininity, or check your local Christian Bookstores.


As Mary waited for the time when she would be married to Joseph, she rejoiced in being a handmaiden of the Lord. She was rewarded with a visitation from God Himself, overshadowed by the Holy Spirit, and became the mother of Jesus Christ, Savior of the world. Talk about being a “force”! We as women are all called to birth something that will affect change for the better in the lives of those around us. Mary was a single woman, yet not one who bemoaned her fate. She was available to God and, because of this, He gave her a special honor. He longs to give us all that honor, to fill each one of us with Jesus Christ to overflowing, so that His virtue may flow out of us to touch, to heal, and to deliver.

::: Michelle McKinney Hammond

13.jpgIf man is the head, she (woman) is the crown, a crown to her husband, the crown of the visible creation. The man was dust refined, but the woman was double-refined, one remove farther from the earth…. The woman was made of a rib out of the side of Adam; not made out of his head to rule over him, nor out of his feet to be trampled upon by him, but out of his side to be equal with him, under his arm to be protected, and near his heart to be beloved.

–Matthew Henry


We now have resorted to considering the idea that “men are from Mars and women are from Venus” in order to explain our differences. But the truth of the matter is, no matter how clever the cliché, we are not from different planets. Our origin is much closer than either of us can readily conceive. We are part of one another with visible and invisible differences. We were made to benefit, not be at odds with, one another. Understanding and celebrating our differences instead of blaming and bashing is the first step we must take.

Michelle McKinney Hammond

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