Sister Appreciation







My dear sister thinks I’m a little touched in the head. 

I love the pretty- the sweet- the soft- the delicate- the extra feminine. 

I’m all girl, no exceptions. 

I often have wished that I lived sometime between 1750 and 1850, when ladies were strictly ladies and gentleman were nothing less than gentleman; when being a lady actually meant something, and life’s little romances were sacred and special–nothing light and frivolous.

 I’ve never desired to be anything other than “girl,” and I’ve never felt discontent with my lot in life.  In fact, I love it! And I’m more than pleased to be who God made me to be.

 My sister, on the other hand, well, is quite different than me.

 Although she is more than happy to be who God made her to be, as well, she is a staunch admirer of the women’s’ suffrage movement,  and many of those who stood behind it. Life void of useless frills would be glorious. 

She can think and act and live [for] herself just fine, without help from, (ahem!) the opposite gender.

 As a matter of fact, we had an argument the other night about whether or not 1Peter 3:4 was solely for married women, in which I assure you, she did most of the talking [smiles]. 

I argue that such principles are always a benefit, whether or not you are a wife (which is not part of her agenda, I might add).

Well, as much as it may appear that the both of us must clash, I am happy to say that for the most part, we do not. Even though I doubt there are two sisters more different from one another, I think we balance each other out well. 

 In order to give a good comparison of the two of us, I’d like to compare her and I to either Meg and Jo March in Louisa May Alcott’s book “Little Women”or Jane and Elizabeth Bennett in Jane Austen’s novel “Pride and Prejudice”Me being Meg or Jane, and Rebecca being Jo or Elizabeth. Yes, Rebecca is one of those young ladies… 

(sigh) I generally don’t understand her! 

But then again, what would I do without her???

To lose her would be to lose my best friend and sister.  

I’ll never forget the evening before I left the boonies of southern Mexico, when I called my family say “hello” and “looking forward to seeing you soon…”  

I got my sister on the phone, and she says, “I bought you a gift that you’ll just love! It’s red…” And that’s all she would say.  

Ok… it’s red… hmmm, I really don’t like the color red, what on earth could it be?!

“You’ll have to wait until you get home to know what it is!”

My flights were so delayed on the way home, that I didn’t arrive at my house until quite late… I no sooner walked through the door, when I saw Rebecca’s cheery face, and heard her voice say “Welcome Home!”  while a dozen red roses were thrust into my hands!  

Yes, we may be quite different, but we really do love each other, and I wouldn’t trade my sister for the world!

Who would there be to “stick up” for me, when I might be in “trouble”?!  With Rebecca, I feel like I always have my own  personal attorney…

There’s so much I could say, but words just aren’t enough.  The English language hasn’t produced words sufficient enough…!


I love you, Rebecca

Thank you for your friendship, and for being my sister.  Thank you for being who you are, and for accepting me for who I am…

Thanks for your bold witness for Jesus, and for your zeal for the Kingdom of God! Stay devoted to Christ!!!

~::~ Rachel Marie ~::~

Submitted by Hannah Otterson,
dedicated to her sisters 


Ah, how good and perfect you have been to me, you—my own beloved sisters—
heart and eyes overflow when I think of you!
Elizabeth Barrett Browning

The bond between sisters is unique, stretching and bending through periods of closeness and distance, but almost never breaking… Sisters are girlfriends, rivals, listening posts, shopping buddies, confidantes, and so much more.

Carol Saline

There can be no situation in life in which the conversation of my dear sister will not administer some comfort to me.

Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

I’m so glad that I have a sister to comfort in the bad times. Your love is like a warm blanket to my soul.

Lori Shankle

Sisters and friends are God’s life preservers.


A ministering angel shall my sister be.

God made us sisters,
Our hearts make us friends.
Love keeps us bonded
Thru thick and thin.
Though our paths may lead
Down separate roads,
God gave us each other
To help with the load.
God had a great plan,
As He always does.
Growing together
Was the best for us.
I can’t imagine
My life without you
Sisters are for keeps
And forever true.

Joyce C. Lock


by Katie Marie

Sisters. No relationship like it. Relative by genetics, but bonded by a special love. There are different flavors to each sister relationship depending on age difference, different personalities, different appearances, different likes and dislikes but that just makes it all the more tasty!

My only sister, Jenny is 7 years older than I. She was my second mama from the day I was born. She was present at my birth and was the first to clothe me. I treasure the picture we have in our family album of that moment. She was looking down at me with big sister care, her expression showing she was very serious about her new responsibility. Her baby sister.

I sit here thinking of all the fun times and all the things we did together and am at a loss of how to sum it up. Oh the stories I could tell! I don’t consider myself an overly talented writer but I’ll just put down a few of my favorite snippets of our sisterly times and dedicate it to her!

We shared a room for over ten years  and I have so many fond memories of us whispering sisterly whispers before falling asleep many a night. Our one continuing dispute was that she liked to stay up late and sleep late and I liked to sleep early and rise early! I liked to clean our room in the morning and she liked to clean at night…  maybe that was why our room was so disorganized!  But then again, we did have a clean room at least once a year! We’d get into our Christmas decorating mode and would massively clean and decorate with great enthusiasm! We had a very festive room that time of year!

 One winter after we moved out into the country and were remodeling our house, Jenny and I camped out up in the attic. We had our beds and everything up there. Fall was perfect for sleeping up there but when winter came we kicked into survival mode! There was no insulation up there and we’d wake up to look at the ceiling to find that there was intriguing frost patterns all above us. We had tons of blankets and would sleep with stocking hats on!

We had a wood-stove downstairs and we’d heat up rocks to take to bed with us, we’d grab our hot rocks and dash up the stairs slide them in our sheets and then leap into bed before we lost the nerve to slide in between those ice cold sheets! Once we got in it was quite cozy. Mom would bundle up and come and pray with us and “tuck us in”. In the morning we’d  lay there so nice and warm and work up the courage to get out into the frigid air surrounding us. Upon gathering sufficient courage we’d jump out of bed, grab our clothes and scurry downstairs and dress by the stove! We had a blast! We still enjoy reminiscing about those days! We were the healthiest we had ever been that winter. Must have been all that fresh air.

Then there was the time she let me drive her car for the very first time. Not just the first time to drive her car but for me to drive a vehicle in general! She trusted me and got a kick out of teaching me and enjoyed my ear to ear grin.

We had goofy minutes together and we could pick on each other without either being offended.

She taught me how to do a cartwheel. She taught me how to braid hair. All those little things she took time to teach me. She even taught me how to write my name at age two! She didn’t heed Mom’s doubts and proceeded to persevere!

As we both got older we began to even out. It was no longer a little sister-big sister relationship, just sisters. She got married 7 years ago and now has two little boys but we are just as close now if not closer than when she was still at home!


We call each other and when one picks up the line we always use is ” Hi! Is this my favorite sister?” to which we reply “Why yes! Is this my favorite sister?” It never gets old and always produces a laugh because no matter what she will be my favorite sister and vice versa not just because we are the only ones we have!

She has always looked out for me and always will. I’ll always be her “Buttmunch!” (that was her endearing pet name for me, I have no idea where it came from but it was special!)

I thank God that he blessed me with my dear sister Jenny!


by Levi Otterson 

I have 4 wonderful sisters. 

Courtney is the oldest and she is very fun to have around. Unfortunately, she got married and moved away.

Next is Brittney, and she is laid back but she can get out of hand some times.

Then there is Hannah and I think her favorite thing to do is to pick on me.

Last but not least is Tabby and she can be very irritating some times. 

But my sisters are all special to me.

(11 year-old Levi with half of his sisters)

by Mary Faith Yoder

When we were growing up, I was the one who was independent while she was very dependent! It was good when I moved over a thousand miles away to teach school because she had to learn to take care of herself. 🙂 She was steady and dependable. Mom used to say if she wanted something done fast, she got me to do it. If she wanted it done right she had Joy do it. It was hard to understand when I, the independent one, got married at 21 and had to learn to become dependent, and she went year after year having to learn to be independent. But God had a marvelous purpose in it all and at the age of almost 32, she married a wonderful man.

   She didn’t sit around twiddling her thumbs while she was “waiting” on God. She had the very fulfilling job of keeping foster babies. Most of them were drug babies, so that added an extra challenge to her work. She ended up adopting one of her babies and he is now a handsome young man of nearly 12 years. She did a work that I could not have done. To become attached to a child only to have them leave when they were scarcely two years old would be too hard for me. It was hard for her, too, but she saw it as a ministry.

Here is a tribute I wrote for her on her birthday.

We grew up together, 11 months apart, but just like twins.

We didn’t have a choice but to be best friends!

I remember the time  we first chose not to have look-alike dresses.

We were Mom’s twins.

You also had the brains in school

And I had to work hard to stay ahead of you!

Together we played… Worked… Slept… Argued…

Cried… Laughed… Dreamed… Dieted… Shopped…

It was so special when Travis, the first grandchild and nephew,

Was born on your birthday.

You didn’t get married young, like I did

But you were faithful in the work God called you to do.

You made a difference in the lives of many babies

By your sacrifice, love, and dedication to foster care.

Now God has blessed you with a wonderful husband,

Three handsome sons, and a beautiful little girl.

So many miles separate us now, and I miss you like crazy

But I’m so glad those miles will never separate our hearts.

I love you! 

A perfect sister I am not, But I’m thankful for the ones I’ve got.

Going through the tributes that were sent in, I was struck by the influence sisters have in the lives of their siblings. I don’t think we realize how much our actions, attitudes and presence in their lives impact them and make deep impressions.

One tribute was from a younger sister to her older sister. I have a feeling her big sis had no idea what kind of memories she was creating, and I highly doubt she realized how important she was. I don’t think she was trying to be somebody big and important in the life of her little sister, she just was, and the significant impact she made in her life helped mold and shape the little girl into the beautiful young lady she has now become.

Another sister honored her younger sister in a beautiful way. Yes, little sisters can make their own sweet marks too. It doesn’t matter what your age is, or your position in the family tree… You have the ability to influence the family around you.

I can’t wait to share some of these tributes with you. They’re special, they’re sweet, and they’re very unique. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. Check back soon!

[Today was the deadline for sister appreciation submissions, but if you’re feeling so inspired, I have room for more…]