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I want to know your thoughts, and what matters to you so that I may better serve the web community that this little spot reaches out to.

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Ways to Participate

  • Write! 

I welcome article submissions in topics related in any way shape or form to femininity… or coffee.

Guidelines for submitting articles:
  1. Must be well-written and constructed.
    (please avoid abbreviations such as LOL, TTFN, IMHO, and the like.)

  2. Over-stated, controversial points of doctrine will be refused or edited out of content.

  3. Both short and long articles are accepted, size doesn’t matter. 
    (The longer articles may be subject to post series)

  4. Articles, poems, stories, essays, biographies, Bible studies, book and movie reports, recipes, tips on sewing, or any other such subjects are accepted for review. I welcome creativity, especially when related to coffee or femininity!

  5. Remember that the purpose of Feminine Espresso is to bring honor and glory to God, so please intertwine a dose of inspiration and humor throughout your work accordingly.

→ Note: Feminine Espresso reserves the right to edit and select from articles submitted.

  • Suggest Topics

    Perhaps you don’t feel like writing, but have a specific topic you would like to see addressed. Please feel free to submit your thoughts and ideas.

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